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                      Penetrating Damp in Buildings.

 Showing pathways of lateral penetrating damp


A: Lateral Penetrating Damp.

Which occurs when the external ground level is above the internal level, raised driveways, patios, flower beds etc. Or where retaining walls are below ground level. Such as basements and cellars.

B: Vertical Penetrating Damp.

Caused by building defects such as a leaky roof, guttering or down pipes. An unused chimney being uncapped. Gaps around the frames; and the rotting timbers of, doors and windows, damaged pointing or faulty flashing.

                  How to identify penetrating damp
  Symptoms that can help you identify penetrating damp include:
  • Watermarks that may appear on the masonry and grow if the water continues to enter
  • Damaged plaster
  • Random damp patched on walls that do not dry out
  • Black mould growth
  • Musty smells
  • Damaged timber as a result of the wood being saturated by damp that possibly may cause wet rot

The above is only a guide to help identify penetrating damp.  To confirm the presence of penetrating damp, we would always recommend a property survey to ensure the correct identification of the issue


Basement Water problems

We provide homeowners with a full line of products and services connected to basement waterproofing, including drainage systems, sump pumps, and many options for your discharge line.

Our full perimeter waterproofing system includes a written, transferable warranty, and can be installed quickly by our experts -- usually in less than two days.

                    How is penetrating damp caused?

Penetrating damp (or moisture ingress horizontally through the the wall fabric) is an issue that can affect all buildings. It may look harmless however, penetrating damp can be damaging to a property even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall often leading to other damp proofing issues as well as wet rot, damp plasterwork, increased heat loss, damp musty smells, frost damage into masonry and unsightly water damage on potentially both the outside and inside of a property.

Typically, penetrating damp is caused by issues with the building or plumbing where a problem has allowed water to enter the property.   It could be the result of defective pointing, cracks in the masonry, [basement water penetrating] damage water management systems, broken gutters, defective plumbing, broken down pipe or possibly the results of increased ground levels around the walls of your property due to the possible installation of a flower bed.  

                     Fix a penetrating damp problem

The first step to fixing a penetrating damp issue is to identify and fix the source of moisture that is causing the problem.   Once the source of the moisture has been fixed, consideration can be taken to repairing any plaster damage or timber damage and where it is necessary to install a membrane to ensure the affected area remains dry.

          Professional penetrating damp treatment

Our trained surveyors and technicians will:

  • Identify and repair/remove the source of moisture that is causing the penetrating damp
  • Survey and test any timbers affected by wet rot
  • Propose the cure for the treating the penetrating damp with full specification and method statement for the rot treatments
  • If necessary, install a membrane within the affected area to prevent the penetrating damp affecting the timbers and plaster
  • Replace any plaster affected with damp with a special damp resistant plaster
  • Apply a fungicidal treatment to the timber and surrounding area to prevent rot
  • Advise what additional steps (if any) are required to safeguard the property
  • Water diversion is a great way
  • French drainage



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