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                                 SILT TRAP


                             Inspection chambers

Most properties built since the 1980's will have circular inspection chambers at key points along the drainage system, such as changes in direction or junction. By removing the cover and checking the internal layout of these ICs, it is a simple task to ascertain whether there are 'spare' inlets available which can be utilised to form the required new connection. Any 'spare' inlets are usually stoppered from the outside with a plastic cap to prevent mud or debris from entering the chamber from the outside.

Any additional new drainage can be connected to the system via one of these inlets provided that the inlet is the same size or larger than the pipework to be connected. Excavating outside the chamber will expose the stopper cap, which is then removed and the new pipework connected in its place. In cases where the inlet is a larger diameter than the pipework being connected, the use of a taper pipe will allow the connection to be made.


    Extra connection points in green that can be connected if needed at another time in the future.


                           Manholes chamber bases

Hidden manhole covers

hidden manhole coversWhen you have blocked drains and it is necessary to remove the manhole covers, you can sometimes encounter other problems – with the manholes themselves. Manholes or smaller clearing eyes are supposed to be included wherever a drain branches or changes direction. Very few drains are laid without them, so if you can’t find any covers the chances are they have been hidden — usually by garden outbuildings or loose-laid paving.

Larger and older properties may also have a manhole inside — often in the hallway. This should be the double-sealed type, with a screws down cover.

                                     Silt Traps

  • Silt traps
  • Silt traps



The ingress of debris is prevented through Silt Traps which is designed and fabricated to suit a particular drainage requirement. .

Key Benefits

  • Prevents the ingress of debris into the structure thereby extending its useful lifetime.
  • Preventative maintenance saving time and costs on site.
  • They are many silt trap options 


                              Blocked interceptors

 An old fashioned method of providing a seal between the household drains and the public sewer was to place a U-shaped trap after the last manhole in the run. Known as interceptors, these are a common place for blockages in the drains to occur.

interceptor trapsUsually the trap responds to rodding with a rubber disc attachment in the same way as any other manhole. If not, hook out the stopper covering the bypass pipe above the trap.

This should partially empty the manhole, allowing you to rod through both the bypass pipe and the main outlet. If this doesn’t work, there are two possible causes of the problem.

♦ The blockage is further down the run, possibly near the public sewer. In this case call in your local water undertaking, since the problem is likely to involve other properties connected to the same system.

♦ The chain holding the stopper has rusted through, allowing the stopper to fall into the interceptor trap. In this case you should seek professional advice.

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