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       Damp Course Injection, Membrane, & Treatment Costs
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         Damp Course Injection, Membrane, & Treatment Costs

What is a Damp Course Injection (DPC)?

Damp, rising damp and the build-up of mould and fungi is a major domestic problem for many UK homeowners. Not only do the increased bacteria levels mean you and your family run the risk of catching a variety of infectious diseases or illnesses, but the increased moisture levels in your home can rot walls, wood and furniture, as well as causing wallpaper and tiles to loosen across the damaged wall – all at a cost to you.


What is a DPC?

A Damp Proof Course is a type of barrier (made of solid material or produced via chemical injection) designed to span across the length or width of your walls to prevent the onset of rising or penetrating damp. There are three main types of DPC to choose from:

  • Solid DPC – a solid DPC is a horizontal or vertical barrier, usually made of some kind of waterproof material (such as bituminous felt, copper sheet or polythene) raised above the damaged wall, designed to divert rainwater and prevent the absorption of moisture and most specifically the onset of rising damp. It is usually fitted at least 150mm or six inches above ground level (in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice for Instillation of Damp-Proof Courses BS 6576:1985). Solid DPC’s are considered the most reliable form of preventing groundwater ingress, but are really only suitable for newly erected walls; fitting them onto already built walls adds the risk of cutting through pipe-work or wiring, which could cost you more money later on.
  • Chemical DPC – a chemical damp proof course, also known as a DPC injection or DPC injection cream, is specifically designed for walls that weren’t pre-treated with waterproof chemicals and are therefore more vulnerable to damp. It involves the ‘injection’ of an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use silicone based liquid (or ‘chemical cream’) straight into the affected wall to help fight off excess moisture.
                       How much is a Damp Proof Course?

The cost of a DPC depends on a number of different factors, including the type and extent of the damage that requires treatment, and the type of DPC you require (solid, chemical). As a result, prices can’t really be generalised, and you are best off getting in touch with us for free quote rather than making obscure speculations.